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    Fanfully posted an update 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    People keep saying that Kawhi was going to the Lakers if the Clippers didn’t get Paul George, but I disagree. Doc Rivers, who I consider to be the most overrated coach in the NBA, said that Clippers showed Kawhi a list of players and asked him who he wanted to play with and Kawhi picked PG. The Clips messed up. They should have used all of those assets that they gave up for PG to trade for Anthony Davis.

    The New Orleans Pelicans would have definitely accepted that package. I like Paul George overall and I think that he will eventually get over his playoff phobia, but he wasn’t worth all of those assets that Clippers gave up for him. Kawhi and AD together would be a dynasty. The Clippers front office is overrated. They have been given way too much credit and I think that they got a bit cocky or they were taking cues from the clowns at ESPN. The Clippers traded away Mo Harkless for Marcus Morris. One of a series of bad decisions by the front office. Will the Clippers beat Dallas, I believe so, but how far they advance after that depends on whether Playoff P, Pandemic P or Paul George shows up.