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Lou Will And Strip Club Chicken Wings
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July 28, 2020

The story about Lou Will making a detour to a strip club for wings while outside the NBA bubble is absolutely ridiculous. Why would a seasoned veteran risk hurting his team if he really believed that they had a chance to win it all this year. My thoughts are that the only reason Lou Will would take that kind of risk is because he really doesn’t believe that the Los Angeles Clippers have what it takes to win it all this year.

Watching the Clippers and seeing how out of sync they have been this season in many game, players going in out and out of the lineup, rumors of chemistry issues, injuries, etc.; they lack the playing time needed to build chemistry. They had great chemistry with Mo Harkless and then they traded him away for Marcus Morris. If you notice, they started losing to everyone after the Harkless trade before finding a way to get back to winning. I think that the Harkless trade really hurt their chemistry. On top of all of that, Paul George has missed half of the season due to injuries and we can’t forget about Kawhi Leonard’s load management. Clippers head coach Doc Rivers has openly talked about the small amount of practice time by the full team. It really doesn’t bode well for Clippers fans.

Unless Doc Rivers is saving all of his coaching skills and lineup for the playoffs, the Los Angeles Clippers are a serious risk of being sent home early. Considering the high expectations that so many had for the Clippers for this year, it would be another disappointment for Clippers fans, not to mention, owner Steve Ballmer.

If you are basing it purely on the eye test, Lakers and Bucks look much hungrier and focused to go all the way. Lakers and Bucks seem to have better chemistry as well. Unless Kawhi Leonard and Paul George go Super Saiyan in the playoffs, Clips will likely go home early. This might be LeBron’s year to finally win a ring after all of these years of failure. Given that he has Anthony Davis, another top 5 player on his team vs Giannis Antetokounmpo and a bunch of role players (if that ends up being the Finals matchup), I would have to give the edge to the Lakers to win it all.

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